Creating Photographic Impact
it's what we do

Shoot Direction

Any photo shoot brings with it a myriad of problems and its so easy to lose sight of the plan. On the day, we stay close to your team, the photographer and subject to ensure your vision, your mission and strategy stays on message. We're on hand to roll up our sleeves, offer direction where needed and respond to the ever evolving challenges of a live shoot. Our priority is a successful and photoshoot creating standout content for your business.

Story Development

Photographic storytelling is at the very heart of what we do. Giving a voice and platform to others, shining a light on the stories that matter, using photography at its most powerful, to educate. This is our passion. We believe in using the power of photography to bring to life often complex situations. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge we work with your organisation to develop your untold stories and tell them in the most photographically engaging way.

Concept Creation

It starts with a strong concept but coming up with that concept can leave you going round in circles. Sitting outside your organisation allows us to see things from a different angle. Cutting through the noise we collaborate with you to unearth your untold stories, unlocking concepts that will take the audience on a journey, offering a glimpse into your world. Our goal is to guide you to the creation of impactful photographic content that sets you apart.

Shoot Edit

On any given shoot a photographer can take thousands of images. Choosing the right images that work together, hang together on your website, look right on your posts, work with each other as a campaign or at your exhibition requires expertise and a keen eye. Working with you to establish what you need the imagery to do for you, we can edit and ensure that every frame plays an integral role in the photographic requirements of your organisation.

Photographic Strategy

Imagery is an integral part of any business and how you choose to use it matters. Photography should offer authenticity and truly reflect your work, offering any audience insight and connection. Identifying the needs of your business we work with you to ensure that you have a strong and robust photographic strategy. Not only choosing the stories to tell but the way in which you tell them, creating strong narratives and forward looking visual content.

Photographic Communication

From creating powerful photo opportunities gaining national media traction to how best to editorialise your message using photography, we can help. Working with PR and communications departments to develop visual communication strategies, from a one off event to a multi platformed public engagement project we use our knowledge to create photographic communication strategies with impact. One single frame can tell your untold story.

Photo Credits

Photographer Miora Rajaornary for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Pamela Tulizo for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Pamela Tulizo for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Miora Rajaornary for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Morena Joachin for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Esther Mbabazi for ActionAid/WomenbyWomen

Photographer Matthew Lloyd for Change, Grow, Live

Photographer Matthew Lloyd for Change, Grow, Live